Dear Police Officers,

We, the People of the United States, thank you for being a police officer. We all want to feel safe in our local communities. Your chosen profession is an honorable one because you are the dispenser of the justice that our Constitution guarantees for all of us. Considering how important your work is to all of us, we believe that you are currently underpaid, much like teachers. But do not worry because we have organized and are fighting to increase your pay. We will continue to fight until you are paid at least the median salary for the state you live in.

But we need something from you. We need you to see who we really are. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. We come in a variety of sexual orientations and ages. We have different religious beliefs. So, there is a good chance that we might not look, talk or dress like you. Otherwise known as the People of the United States, that is who we are. We are the ones whom you promised to protect– equally. We are not your enemies; in fact, we are more than your friends. We are your sons and daughters; we are your parents, your aunts and uncles; we are your neighbors; we are you and you are us.

Some of you are racially biased against black and brown People. It may not be all of you, but it is far too many. How many of your colleagues tell racists jokes or use racists slurs easily? Do you confront your colleague? Or do you remain silent, afraid of being ostracized? Too many of you remain silent. The problem with this racial bias is that the person who has it usually cannot sense it. They will flatly deny having it and never address it head-on. Racial bias can predict behavior. This bias raises its ugly head in the heat of the moment when life or death decisions must be made. Because you are on-the-spot problem solvers and dispensers of justice to the public, your racial bias will cause you to mistreat the People whom you are biased against. Just consider the following incident caught on camera in 2014:

In 2014, a street video camera captured a black, “unarmed 16year-old being hit in the face with a gun by an NYPD officer after raising his hands to surrender during a marijuana arrest. The teen, Kahreem Tribble, was accused of possessing “17 small bags of marijuana” and disorderly conduct. In the video, he can be seen running before stopping and turning around to face officer, Tyrane Isaac, who throws a punch at him. Another officer, David Afanador, then arrives with his gun drawn and pointed at Tribble before hitting him in the face with it. After a few moments, Isaac punches Tribble again. Afanador then returns to the scene with a canvas bag—the bag that Tribble was

allegedly using to carry marijuana—and hits Tribble in the face with it.” The police union vigorously defended these officers. Both officers were acquitted.

The 16-year-old teenager, Kahreem, was indeed breaking the law by selling marijuana. He needed to be arrested and be subject to anti-drug laws. When the offender realized that he could not outrun the police, he lifted both hands with his palms exposed, facing the police officer in an “I surrender” pose. A seasoned, experienced and husky police officer caught up to the thin-framed teen and punched him in the face. The teenager immediately fell to the ground incapacitated. The other police officer arrived with his gun drawn and hit the teenager again with his gun, breaking his teeth. If these white police officers had a 16-year-old son caught selling marijuana by two black police officers who were racially biased against whites, would these white officers want the black officers to punch their adolescent son in the face and break his teeth with the butt of a gun? Absolutely not! So, why would these two white police officers brutalize this black teenager in such fashion? The answer is…racial bias.

The two police officers above were acquitted because their local police union protected them. Police unions negotiate with police departments to dictate how the departments operate. Police unions mandate long waiting periods before a bad officer can be questioned about the excessive use of force. Some

police unions demand that all records of an officers’ disciplinary history be permanently destroyed. Other police unions prohibit investigations of anonymous complaints against police officers filed by terrified citizens. Most police unions across the country prevent civilian oversight of police officers. Police unions are therefore organized criminal enterprises. They directly undermine the equal protection under the law that our Constitution guarantees.

During publicized accounts of obvious police brutality, police union presidents usually get on TV and claim to be your brothers in blue who protect your rights. These officers are usually racially biased against minorities themselves. The country is demanding radical police reform. Police union presidents do not want any police reform. They currently enjoy their status quo. They enjoy the political power, money and privilege that you give them by being union members. If you want widespread police reform and are enrolled in your local police union, disenroll.

We, the People, are galvanizing to outlaw police unions. They will try to intimidate and threaten us. This is what criminal enterprises do. Therefore, we need your help. These are some concrete actions that you can take as a police officer to help transform American policing and make our country a more perfect Union.

  1. Find out if you have an unconscious preference for European Americans over African Americans by taking this Harvard University generated Racial Bias Test.
  1. Enroll in an accredited online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program. We will use the donations that we receive from the public to help you pay your tuition fees. Just click here to express your interest in earning a criminal justice bachelor’s degree. We will match you with the University program that is convenient for you and your You will have 6 years to earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.
  1. Complete an annual online Diversity & Sensitivity in the workplace for Employees course by clicking here.
  1. If you already have your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, click here and prove it to us. We will contact you and ensure that you receive at least the median salary for the state that you live in.
  1. Disenroll from your police union