Open Letter to Black America and BLM Organizers


Dear Black America and BLM Organizers,


We are a 501(c)4, non-profit organization, called or Bachelor Degree Requirement for Police Officers. We are a group of everyday multi-racial, American citizens comprised of physicians, educators, military veterans, police officers, attorneys, and accountants. We are spread out from coast to coast and operate in all the five regions of the United States. Our mission is to transform American policing by educating our nation’s police force. Over the next 10 years, we will push until 51% of all police officers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. We also push until 100% of all police departments to employ at least two mental-health officers. A mental health officer is a police officer who was first a licensed clinical social worker before completing the police academy. These specialized officers are dispatched primarily to mental health calls.

We have carefully read the BLM position online and are happy to see the all-inclusiveness feel of each objective. We eagerly join the fight, challenging the centuries of pervasive white supremacy and its associated police brutality that has robbed too many black men, women and children of their right to exist. While we support most of the BLM agenda, we are certain that the BLM movement would be strengthened by abandoning your efforts to “Defund the Police.” Policing in America is a social institution. Social institutions are woven into the fabric of society and cannot be removed. There is literally no mechanism to defund or remove such a vital social institution from American life. But even if defunding the police were possible, what responsible adult would even want such a thing? Those individuals shouting, “defund the police,” have not thought longer than 10 seconds past that demand being fulfilled. This “Lord of the Flies” fantasy type thinking diminishes BLM’s cause and gives white supremacist opponents a legitimate target. Black Lives Matter opponents have already used the “defund the police” position to make TV commercials about the police department being unavailable to answer 911 calls.

News moderators and BLM’s spokespersons publicly waffle and doublespeak when explaining what “defund the police” means.  All social institutions require money to operate. Defunding any social institution means abolishing it. Our nation’s police force does not need to be abolished; it needs to be educated, specifically in criminal justice.  We need to create a thriving mental health force.

Black Lives Matter, please stop being an easy and attractive target for white supremacists. We urge you to replace your #DefundthePolice with #EducatethePolice and join our efforts to educate our nation’s police for over the next 10 years. We encourage continued peaceful protests. But more than protests, we Americans of all races, ages, genders and creed to fight. The weapons of our warfare are not rifles or pistols, but sustained volunteerism and targeted donations. Institutional racism, implicit racial bias against minorities and widespread denial of these problems by many white Americans are the enemies of progress. Police officers are not the enemy; white supremacy is. Police unions are the enemies to police reform. They fight against America truly becoming a multi-racial democracy with an educated police force. donates to local and statewide candidates who oppose police unions. Since many current politicians are intimidated by police union leaders, the People will organize and vote these fearful politicians out of office. Police unions will respond to all efforts to educate the police force with intimidation tactics, strategic firings and other illegal activity. After all, police unions are organized, criminal enterprises much like the mafia or the mob. The public should not rely on local police officers to keep their own body cam on record during any interaction with citizens, especially during emotionally charged interactions.  At the present time, too few police officers are held accountable by their supervisors to keep their body cams on. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all citizens wear their own personal body camera when interacting with the police. We are currently working to pass federal legislation that makes it a felony for any police officer to remove any citizen’s personal body camera while affecting an arrest or during any other interaction with the police.

Many police unions and non-degreed police officers will argue that a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice is simply not necessary to be an effective police officer. They argue that police academy training is sufficient. holds the opposite position. Simply re-training non-degreed police officers is not a solution. In order to form a more perfect Union, we the People must change our perception of what it means to be a police officer. Being a police officer must become a well-paid, honorable profession, not a low-bar-to-entry job that calls for minimal salaries impossible work responsibilities.