Dear American Corporations,

As contemporary citizens of a global economy and community, We the People of the United States cannot deny the high standard of living that American corporations have afforded us. We collectively say thank you. We understand that corporations have become so large and well-capitalized that saying “American corporation” is a misnomer. Many of you are multi-national entities and operate in various locations around the world for a variety of reasons. For many of you, national borders are as antiquated a concept as the horse-drawn buggy.

Because of your enormous size and financial resources, even the US Government has a difficult time regulating your commercial activities. Often, your CEOs, executive teams, and board members have a bad reputation for putting corporate profits over human rights and social justice. Furthermore, in the new global climate of social activism against the long-time status quo of imperialism and pervasive white supremacy, many corporate executives have made public statements and gestures to support the causes of social activist groups such as Black Lives Matter.

While We the People appreciate that you are now listening enough to even make such gestures, we are asking for more than gestures. These gestures include members of your executive leadership kneeling in public, the publication of corporate position statements, or pledges to spend X amount of dollars over Y number of years to fight social injustice. These gestures are merely emotional and momentary expressions of solidarity with social justice movements.

We are not asking you to do some near-impossible tasks like changing the racial and gender make-up of your executive leadership team or board of directors to match our demographic make-up. After all, your executive team can be 50% black. At the end of the day, each black executive will drive home on our American streets, streets that are patrolled by police officers who are most likely unconsciously, racially biased against blacks. Any direct encounter between such police officers and your black executive can easily result in the executive being shot dead unjustifiably due to unbridled police brutality.

Your black executive’s family is not likely to avail the justice that the US Constitution promises for all because the local police union, disguised as real workers’ unions, organized for collective bargaining, will step in to protect the racially biased police officer. Indeed, police unions help corrupt and racially biased police officers escape prosecution and indictment. This allows these men and women to continue killing American citizens simply for having brown skin.

So, keep your executive teams and board of directors however you want them. But also keep your word to financially support social justice initiatives. If you have not made such a commitment, then make one. You do not have to create some special committee to find worthy social justice initiatives to fund. is here, in-your-face with specific, measurable mission objectives. By funding us, you leverage your contribution and receive monthly, audited financial statements disclosing our use of funds. Our mission is to:

1. Establish a minimum academic entry standard for all police officers.
2. Help existing police officers earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice over the next 6 years.
3. Establish the post of a mental health officer in every police department in the county.
4. Pass legislation to criminalize police unions at the federal level.

Your contribution will be leveraged to benefit everyone who interacts with a new, well-educated police force. If you are ready to go beyond public gestures and do your part in transforming American policing, then contact us at We look forward to starting a conversation.