Dear Pro Athlete,

We, the people of the United States, thank you for the discipline and dedication you have maintained since your childhood. You are our heroes, role models, and for a few of us, obsessions. It is no secret that your social platforms and voices are much bigger than ours. When you talk, the world listens. Therefore, we are asking you to join our cause in helping to educate our nation’s police officers and establish posts for mental health officers in every police department throughout the United States.

We understand that there are barriers to your public involvement with us. When some professional athletes take a public stand on a particular social issue, they can potentially lose endorsement income from the major corporations which are not aligned with the particular social issue. Many multi-national corporations prefer to remain neutral on many social issues so as to not offend any particular group and by so doing, threaten profits. We do not want to interfere with your ability to maximize your income. After all, you have worked hard and should capture all the revenue that you can, while you can.

We are not a fad or even a movement. Fads end; movements ebb and flow. We are a permanent cause and will continue even after the protests end. We are asking you to join our cause, because your influential voice can make police reform a reality sooner rather than later. Our objectives are measurable, clear, and simple:

  1. Establish minimum academic entry standards for all new police officers. By December 31, 2030, we aim to have 51% of all police officers holding a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.
  2. Require all existing, non-degreed police officers to enroll in an accredited, online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program and give them six years to complete their study. Police officers refusing to comply will have their employment terminated.
  3. Establish a position of mental health officer by recruiting licensed clinical social workers to complete police academy training. By December 31, 2030, we aim to have at least two mental health officers employed in all 18,000 police departments in the country.

While your public support may put you at minimal risk of losing endorsements; it could also make you more attractive as a spokesperson for some large corporations or brands. Be bold. Help make America a more just society. You can support us privately by donating some of your money. Or you can donate some of your star power by contacting our Chief Public Relations Officer at to record a public service announcement to air in national TV markets.