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We are, a group of everyday citizens organized against systemic, institutionalized racism, white supremacy and police brutality. We have organizers and volunteers in all 50 states but are looking for you to join us to help organize in every county, city and town in the United States. is led by a 5-member Board of Directors who has direct oversight of a 6-member executive team. This executive team consists of a president and 5 regional directors. Each director is responsible for each of the 5 U.S. regions.  Our executive officers are responsive to a steering and advisory committee that includes physicians, attorneys, politicians, judges, educators, police chiefs, civil rights activists and grass roots citizens.

The BDRP Mission

Our MISSION is nationwide criminal justice reform by:

1. Establish a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as the minimal entry requirement for all new candidates for the post of police officer. aims to ensure that 51% of all US police officers hold a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice by December 31, 2030.

2. Make it mandatory for every existing police officer without a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice to enroll in an accredited, online criminal justice program that awards a bachelor’s degree. Since these existing officers are likely to balance part-time online schooling with a full-time job and family life, these officers will be given 6 years to earn their degree. aims to have 90% of all existing police officers have their degree by December 31, 2027.

3. Fund the creation of a parallel police officer position, called a mental health officer. These officers will be recruited from amongst master’s degree-level social workers who desire to become police officers. These licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) will go through the police academy in a similar manner as the other candidates. They will also undertake a novel, specialized curriculum for policing the mentally ill. This curriculum will be created by the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. aims to have 100% of all US police departments employ at least two mental health officers by December 31, 2028.

The multi-colored infographic shows the official allocation of funds.

We accept donations from everyone interest in serious, permanent, nationwide police reform. We accept donations from individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, social clubs, churches and government entities.

Transparency is essential for our success. has retained the services of Atlanta, Georgia based accounting firm, Acuity Accounting Experts. All donations go through Acuity Accounting and funds are distributed to the following verified recipients to achieve our mission objectives:

Each month, Acuity Accounting will post summarized financial statements on Transparency page. We will also post our progress in the hiring of new BDR-certified new police officers in various police jurisdictions across the country. We report the election of mayors and publicize the number of current officers enrolled in online criminal justice programs.

Protests and marches with rants of “No Justice, No Peace” can never stop police brutality. Congressional legislation prohibiting choke holds, mandating fellow officer intervention or unsealing officer personnel records all fail to destroy the two cultural pillars that support police brutality:

  1. Implicit, unconscious racial bias
  2. Insufficient Criminal Justice education

Many police officers do not genuinely understand the US Constitution nor the equal protection rights that the Constitution guarantees every citizen regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Protests end! Yet, the same police officers with the same unconscious racial bias and limited education remain in place.

To achieve fundamental and systemic change, we as a people must better educate our police force. Politicians at the federal or state levels will never make this happen. We must not waste our time and energy begging or expecting them to.  We must demand higher educational requirements for our police officers at the grassroots level. is the vehicle to do just that.

We are a non-profit, fully transparent 501(C)4 organization that works to make a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice the minimal entry requirement for all new police officers. We also help existing police officers earn their bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice via accredited, online programs. We fund the establishment of a uniformed Mental / Social work force to respond to individuals in mental health crises. We accept donations from anyone and use Atlanta, Georgia based Acuity Accounting Experts to disperse funds to appropriate receivers to achieve our goals.

Educating the nation’s police force is not a quick solution. It may take 10 years or longer to make this transition. We will have staunch and formidable opponents to maintain the status quo. But this is our best, long-term solution. Only when our police genuinely KNOW justice, will we all genuinely KNOW peace.

Current Entry Requirements for Police Officers

Reformed Entry Requirements for Police Officers

Are you ready to be a part of REAL change?

Together, we can achieve true police reform.



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