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Every time we see another video showing police brutality, the country becomes outraged. Crowds of people take to the streets and protest. But as protests end and the news cycle resets, the public forgets that no real transformative policing change has occurred. Th public is thus harmed by this pattern of no change. We, the People must not give up our humanity, our dignity or our very right to live. We have made far too many retreats. For too long we have swung back and forth between protests and sleep.

Racially biased policed beat Rodney King.  Americans of all races protested then slept. While holding both hands up in the air, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by racially biased police. Americans of all races protested then slept. Eric Garner was choked to death while telling the racially biased officer that he could not breathe. Americans of all races protested, then slept. Many more minorities have been killed off camera by racially biased police officers. These unpublicized deaths continue because racial bias and police brutality remain intact, deeply hidden within the hearts of predominantly white police officers.

It is now time to protest and fight. The weapons of our warfare are not rifles and guns, but sustained volunteerism and targeted donations. Police officers are not the enemy; white supremacy is. Institutional racism, implicit racial bias against minorities and widespread denial of these problems by many white Americans are the enemies of progress. We must fight to establish a minimum academic entry requirement for all police officers dealing with the public. We must fight to establish a robust mental health force within every police department regardless of size.

We must stop screaming “defund the police.” Our society has established police officers as everyday problem solvers. They are on- the-spot arbitrators of problems, dispensers of the justice that our Constitution guarantees for all. During every patrolling shift, police officers must solve complexed problems, oftentimes within a few seconds or within a few minutes. They must rely on their instincts and judgement. It is therefore imperative that police officers be just, fair and have a deep understanding of the US Constitution and criminal justice concepts.

If you really want to help transform policing in your community, then join our fight. Do your part by donating some of your time or some of your money. We need sustained volunteers to help gather signatures to put initiatives on the ballot in certain states. We need your donations to recruit university criminal justice juniors and seniors to apply to local police academies. Your donations will also help existing police officers enroll in accredited, online criminal justice programs to earn their bachelor’s degree. We will fund mayoral election campaigns and directly oppose police unions who protect racially biased police officers.


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