BDRP Transparency

Transparency is essential to our success. has retained the services of an Atlanta-based accounting firm in Georgia, Acuity Accounting Experts.

To achieve our mission’s objectives, all donations and funds going through Acuity Accounting Experts will be distributed in the following ways:

  1. Recruiting university Criminal Justice juniors and seniors for local police academies
  2. Supplementing these officers’ salaries to ensure they are paid the median salary for their state
  3. Paying up to 90% of the tuition fees for existing police officers’ online Criminal Justice programs
  4. Establishing a Mental Health Officer position in every police department across the US
  5. Contributing to the mayoral campaign

Allocation of Funds

Unlike many other donation-based organizations, we are transparent about the dispersion of the donated funds. We do not charge membership fees and keep our national operating costs less than 7%. Some organizations invite the public to sign petitions on social causes and then pressure them into signing more petitions that the user may not be supportive of or even know about. Such organizations repetitively debit users’ cards each month without their permission. Moreover, these organizations use petition robots and artificial intelligence software to project false appearances of social progress or petition signing. considers these tactics and such organizations to be dishonest and harmful to the purpose of social mobilization.

So, to help the public track our progress, Acuity Accounting Experts will publish a monthly summary of financial statements on transparency webpage.

We also post quarterly progress in the following categories:

  1. Raw number of new BDR-certified police officers
  2. Raw number of existing officers who are newly enrolled in Online Criminal Justice programs
  3. Raw number of new Mental Health Officers nationwide
  4. Number of police departments that have established bachelor’s degree requirements as a new entry standard
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